Beard Oil & Mustache Wax Combo

Beard Oil & Mustache Wax Combo

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1 oz Barba Beard Oil & 1 oz Mantenga Mustache Wax Combo
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Mantenga Mustache Wax
Made with organic shea butter & beeswax, our Mantenga Mustache Wax commands attention. The sandalwood and rosemary essential oils introduce a subtle scent that’s only noticeable in close quarters. Smell magnificent during your make-out, while maintaining your well-crafted ‘stache.

Scrape a thin layer from tin, warm and ball between thumb and forefinger, apply to length of mustache. Style with fingertips or comb to temper your unruly whiskers.

1 jar = approximately 1 year of Well Kept whiskers

Barba Beard Oil
A little bit of this magic goes a long way to tame your renegade beard. The almond oil softens and hydrates your skin & beard (preventing dander), while the powerful plant extracts protect and invigorate the follicles. Even though our foresty scent is fresh and subtle, your lover will be longing for a trip to the cabin to have her way with you.

Tap a few drops of the Barba Beard Oil into your palm, work into beard and skin, comb & style. Repeat daily.

1 bottle = approximately half a year's worth of a smooth, kissable beard

Almond oil, essential oils.
1 oz